We are no longer live streaming our Sunday morning worship services. While there are positives to live streaming services, there are also dangers. The primary danger is that we would be facilitating disobedience of the clear command of GOD in His Word (the Bible) which states that for those who claim to be Christians and are physically able “we are not to forsake/neglect meeting together” (Hebrews 10:25). This is especially important for corporate worship on the LORD’S Day. To that end, the live stream we were providing was a temporary solution to the issue of both continuing to honoring GOD with worship and honoring peoples concerns about health and safety during the Covid pandemic. Things have now greatly improved here in Montana regarding Covid. Cases are much lower, there is no mask mandate and vaccines are available to all who would like them. Having said all of this we understand that there are some who would attend but because of health issues cannot. So to those who are homebound and live in the Boulder area, please let us know if we can minister to you.

*If you live in the Boulder area we are offering a free copy of this book (while supplies last). If you would like to request a free copy please email us at gcfbouldermt@gmail.com your name and mailing address.
Blessings!   GCF


10:30am – Worship Service (all welcome)


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  E-mail: gcfbouldermt@gmail.com (questions/prayer request)